Lap 1 - Will Taylor (Moonglu RT) makes the first attack on Lap One of NineLap 1 - Will Taylor (Moonglu RT)Lap 1 - the bunchLap 1 - it's cold this morningLap 1 - The NEG - National Escort Group - do a fantastic jobLap 2 - a small chase group hunt down the lone leaderLap 2 - the group isn't far off the bunchLap 2 - Will Taylor (Moonglu RT) checks his gapLap 3 - the race is all together again and several riders try their hand on the first climbLap 3 - Jacob Smith, Louise Moore and Alex Mutter get a few metres off the frontLap 3 - Craig Paterson (Vanelli-Project GO) jumps off his bike and checks what's wrong; it's a loose crankLap 3 - Alex Luhrs is clear, with Will Taylor (Moonglu RT) having another goLap 3 - the bunch is stretched as eventual winner Tom Martin (Wheelbase CabTech Castelli) shows himselfLap 3 - the course is quite undulatingLap 3 - Graham HollingerLap 3 - Fergus RobinsonLap 4 -  Alex Luhrs and Will Taylor (Moonglu RT) increase their leadLap 4 - Tom Martin (Wheelbase CabTech Castelli) has escaped the bunch and is chasing the front two a minute ahead on his ownLap 4 - Tom Martin (Wheelbase CabTech Castelli) sets about closing the minute gap to the front twoLap 4 - the bunch looks less than organised